Endstille – Endstilles Reich (Regain Records)

Thursday, 14th March 2013
Rating: 7/10

Pretty ugly and unrelenting, these Endstille fellows. Their political values have always been in question since a handful of their lyrics deal with weaponry from World War II and since they are German, the debate will rage on. And so will their music. Endstilles Reich is a primal, blast-happy BM affair that contains minimal dynamics, but has enough pop and force to amount to something of worth.

Opener “Among Our Glorious Existence” starts with vocalist Iblis’ hellish rasp and volleys from death-defying blasts to a stream-rolling tempo. The title track, “Endstilles Reich” is far and away the best song here, with some oddly harmonized, almost melodic guitar work steering this thing down a very Gorgoroth-esque path. The same bodes for “I Am God,” yet another BM rager (it’s all blasts, folks) and “No Heaven Over Germany.”

Give Endstille some credit for putting some raw flavor into blast attack BM. Dozens have tried this style, the most notable being Marduk circa Panzer Division Marduk and Dark Funeral throughout its near-legendary career.

In the end, Endstilles Reich will forever be limited by its single-minded approach, no matter how feral and scathing the blast attack BM may be, but there is a platform for this stuff, so don’t expect to see Endstille burn out like an Iraqi Scud missile.


(This article originally appeared on Blistering.com)

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