Ending Quest – The Summoning (FDA Rekotz)

Monday, 9th June 2014
Rating: 7/10

When it comes to Swedish-styled retro death metal, originality is about as frequent as water in the desert.  A relatively simple formula to retread: pack in that buzzsaw guitar tone, add some heavy yet melodic riffs, and try to change tempo between some faster movements and mid-tempo groove.  Simple, yes but all too effective when it was first released back in the early ‘90s.  The problem with Ending Quest, much like their “I love the ‘90s” brethren is that they bring nothing new to the table.

If you can manage to get over that initial hump, there are some cool moments scattered about through The Summoning.  There’s a nifty little machine gun drumming moment towards the end of “Sumerian Invocation” before one final melody kicks in (“Evocation of Carnal Flesh” has a similar beginning too).  The melodies of “The Lament Configuration” are suitably worthy of their final track status, and the extended runtime actually allows them some breathing room.  Lastly, the groove of “Exalted and Fireborn” is sure to get your body moving and gives any of the old school masters a true run for their money.

There’s no real problems that arise while listening to The Summoning provided that you know what you’re in for.  It’s just challenging to see how well this formula is executed here, and wonder how they’d do if they expanded the palatte a bit and stepped out of the Stockholm comfort zone.  Ending Quest have a real knack for melodies and groove, the problem is that they are the same ones you’ve heard ad nauseam over the past few years.  There are hints at something more towards the end of the disc, let’s home they can bring that feel all the way next time.

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