Dust Bolt – Violent Demolition (Napalm Records)

Tuesday, 26th March 2013
Rating: 8/10

The thrash revolution of the 1980’s appears to be going through a third generation upswing in terms of label signings. After forming in 2006 and releasing the Chaos Possession EP in 2010, Germany’s Dust Bolt are one of the latest bands with the hopes of whipping up the masses with their brand of speedy, caustic brand of metal with their debut, Violent Demolition.

Where many current thrash groups may take liberty in pilfering the Bay Area catalog for their riff inspiration, Dust Bolt prefer to look at the rawer, punishing side of acts like Cyclone, early Kreator, and Sepultura as their blueprint for songwriting. An occasional glimpse into slower sections of “Pleasure of Illusion” give the Flo D./ Lenny B. axe duo some interesting harmonies plus back and forth riff contrast.

“Opulence Contaminated” wastes little time in showcasing blitzkrieg solos, swift tempo changes that insure maximum audience carnage and the acidic roaring screams from Lenny B. The love for stop/start guitar isolation in “Violent Abolition” brings to mind the early Slayer period, although the galloping drums put them more in their natural German stomping grounds. And I doubt many will not be swept away by the militant war assault the drums, bass and guitar level within “Toxic Attack,” which is pit-approved with dive bombs, swift drum fills and a shouting gang chorus.

Not all thrash has to be clean and precise to gain my full appreciation. There’s something to be said for a band such as Dust Bolt who aren’t going for the synthetic snare stomp or levels of pedal effects and processors that can’t be recreated live. Violent Demolition is a nine-song exercise in getting back to the aggression and anger that fueled the movement before big wig record companies flaunted money and instituted their commercial desires into the mix.


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