Draugurinn – Myrkraverk (Nordvis Produktions)

Sunday, 29th January 2017
Rating: 7.5/10

Beneath the darkest roots of black metal lies a musical form similar yet sonically differing from the blasted satanic blasphemy, that music form would be dark ritual ambience. This form of music almost extracts the potent darkness from black metal, but refines it into an unsettling ritual sound scape, that is just (if not more) bleak and dramatic as any noise created from over driven amplifiers and satanic goat worship.

Draugurinn exist in this bog ridden swamp of ambient noise makers and Myrkraverk is a heady dose of pitch black sound work that exists to encompass the listener in its mystical virtue. Style wise Draugurinn remind me quite a bit of Gruntsplatter, whose ambient noise was unsettling and intriguing at the same time (remember Relapse Records Desolation House release?) and older Vond. There are flourishes of folk styled drums, distant strings and vocal chants on Myrkraverk that come and go under the waves of synth that add an almost primordial like delivery to what Draugurinn are creating, which also brought to mind label mates Forndom. In all Draugurinn create a very interesting blend of ambience, that incorporates so many elements of natural instrumentation, synth and self-created soundscapes which give Myrkraverk a very alive feeling.

Myrkraverk works almost as a perfect backing track to whatever ritual you have planned. Whether the rain drums or “Nornaskapur” will inspire your mind to create new art, or the catacomb echoes at the end of “Aska” will empower your calling the runes. Draugurinn works so well as an artist in this medium because there is a balance to Myrkraverk, one that allows you to engross yourself in fully in its spell or play as backing track to whatever you desire. Make no mistake this type of music isn’t for everyone, but if you are looking for something that scratches deeper than the veneer, Myrkraverk will capably guide your way.

Draugurinn at Bandcamp

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