Dodsferd – Spitting With Hatred the Insignificance of Life (Moribund Records)

Thursday, 21st March 2013
Rating: 8.5/10

Minus the poorly-worded title (we should have known – mainman Wrath answers all interview queries with an exclamation point), Greece’s Dodsferd have once again delivered on their sixth album, Spitting With Hatred the Insignificance of Life. Clinging to the standards of early black metal has proven to be a prudent move for the band, as their ingrained knowledge of the necro BM template continues to make the wheels churn on this six-song effort, one that showcases a savory dynamic across the board.

Operating with the usual array of ludicrous song titles (“A Pile of Shit, the Only Hope of Your World” takes the cake), Dodsferd’s primal, often dingy, but always catchy BM angle works wonders on standout track “Praying In Vain Under the Shrine of Your God.” In what could be the most heaving track the band has composed, “Praying In Vain…” traverses down paths that early BM trailblazers tried to perfect, including cagey melodies ala early Satyricon, solemn passages like Burzum, and drawn-out atmospheric segments in the vein of Wrath of the Tyrant-era Emperor. It’s simply brilliant.

From there, Wrath and pals seamlessly weave in gristled black ‘n’ roll on “Your Kingdom Was Built On A Lie” and “Preaching Death And Destruction” and it ends up being no longer a weak spot for the band. The album culminates in the aforementioned “A Pile of Shit, the Only Hope of Your World,” which is another BM epic, one that could draw further attention to itself because of its incredibly blunt title. Would love to see the song title list the band draws from…it’s probably hilarious.

Missing out on this would be a grave mistake, for Dodsferd continues to be one of the more dependable and reliable bands on the “troo” black metal circuit.Spitting With Hatred the Insignificance of Life very well could end up becoming the band’s touchstone album, one that further adds to the intrigue Wrath (very wisely) creates.

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