Divinity – The Singularity (Candlelight Records)

Tuesday, 19th March 2013
Rating: 7.5/10

Caught up in the swirl of Darkane, Meshuggah, and Strapping Young Lad, Canada’s Divinity are one of those bands with zero filter or clue when to lay off. When we say “lay off,” that means pulling back on the over-zealous guitar work and letting things breathe. There’s such an attack being put on here that disseminating anything beyond what is immediately thrust in one’s face is quite the task. This results in an impressive, but washed-out album.

No issues with the cyber metal approach, something that the above-mentioned trio have taken in different directions. For Divinity, Darkane appears to be the most proper reference point, although the Canucks aren’t as refined as the Swedes, but that doesn’t stop something like “Embrace the Uncertain” from being one of the more stand-out numbers, thanks in part to singer Sean Jenkins’ thrash-tinged vocals.

Behind the wealth of complexity isn’t much, thus hurting songs like “Emergent” and “Lay in the Bed You’ve Made,” which would probably be the best song of the bunch if it didn’t over-extend itself with technical bits. Again, Jenkins proves to be the real standout, able to establish himself even when furious guitar runs and blast-beats threaten to derail everything. Additional songs of note include the brutal “Monsters Are Real” and “Formless Dimensions,” but the band often kills quality groove/simple riffs with faster-paced moments beefed up with…technicality.

One can’t fault Divinity for wanting to show their musical wares, especially in this crowded-as-fuck climate. That being said, there’s already a deluge of technically technical bands (read: Brain Drill, Born of Osiris, etc.) that have this sound down pat. But don’t try telling an advanced musician to chill out and play for the song – they’re look at you like you’re from Mars.


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