Disperse- Living Mirrors (Season of Mist)

Friday, 12th April 2013
Rating: 10/10

It’s such a refreshing experience to pick up an album and become genuinely captivated from start to finish. For anyone with any experience or history with heavy music, it becomes clear that the more you learn about the genre and the bands that have made it great, the harder it is to find new groups that offer fresh ideas. With their Seasons of Mist debut Living Mirrors, Poland’s Disperse are one of the few newer groups offering music that is original, exciting and challenging.

At first glance, Disperse is a djent band. And while their sound is undeniably progressive and djent-influenced, their grasp on effective and impactful songwriting betrays an artistic depth that defies any simple genre tag. Lead guitarist Jakub Zytecki is undeniably the focal point here, guiding the songs through inventive riffs, impressive lead work, and huge ambient moments. Most importantly, the dude is able to shred while still providing a platform for the vocals, which I might add, are entirely growl-free. All in all, what makes DisperE so good is their status as a melodic powerhouse- whether the band is letting it rip or floating along through synth-land, there’s always an undercurrent of urgent and heartfelt melody.

With a huge, well-crafted sound and plenty of jaw-dropping moments, it’s quite difficult to do such an awesome record justice in writing- bottom line is, Disperse comes highly recommended. While the urge to call out several lackluster bands that are currently hogging the spotlight is strong, I’ll just keep it clean and say there are more than a few djent bands that might have to look for day jobs if these guys keep coming out with material on this level!


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