Diabulus in Musica – Euphonic Entropy (Napalm)

Thursday, 13th February 2020
Rating: 8/10

Continuing ever-onwards in their journey to carve out their own niche within the symphonic metal crowd, Diabulus in Musica seem to always be eager to try to change things up and add more variety to the mix. Previous release, Dirge for the Archons, saw quite a bit of this, and Euphonic Entropy goes the extra mile to ensure a multitude of influences are present. But it also goes to say that it’s the band’s strongest release to date.

Diabulus’ fifth release in a ten year period, there’s a lot that will initially catch your ear – even to some die-hard symphonic metal fans. A song like “The Misfit’s Swing” is a real treat in the way that it pulls off swing/big band influences within the metal framework, leveraging quite a bit of playful energy in a way that you don’t hear every day. Later, “On the Edge” displays a more modern and electronically-enhanced sound that sits well with the riff-forward heaviness and occasional growled vocals from Gorka Elso. Some folky bounce infiltrates “Otoi,” which is also sung in the Basque language to give it a more unique flavor and mystique. While there are some Epica vibes on occasion, such as the bombastic and layered clash with heaviness on “Race to Equilibrium,” it’s a bit less over-the-top and immediately digestible. Vocalist Zuberoa Aznáres shines with her range as well, from the operatic/classical belts to majestic choruses (“One Step Higher”) as well as provide gentleness (“Blurred Dreams”) without becoming clichéd.

The personal flavor of Euphonic Entropy gives it an edge as well. The husband/wife duo of Elso/Aznáres noted that the release was about their transition towards being a family (they had their second child during the writing process), and the emotions feel quite genuine and moving when they need to be. All in all Euphonic Entropy is a great step forward for Diabulus in Musica. The combination of a personal release with even more fitting and suitable influences make it consistently strong from start to finish.

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