Dew-Scented – Intermination (Prosthetic)

Thursday, 18th June 2015
Rating: 8/10

German thrash veterans Dew-Scented have been one of those mid-level bands that plug along efficiently through a style that keeps its head and heart onto the energy and spirit of the movement. In other words, this five-piece is not aiming for commercial acceptance- they would rather retain the ardent followers they’ve accumulated through the years. Intermination is the tenth Dew-Scented studio full-length, keeping up their album title tradition (all I’s my friend) and represents another solid street level product for the working class brigade.

The quiet minute-long “Declaration of Intent” intro gives way to a Slayer-esque guitar barrage and intense drumming for “On a Collision Course”, as vocalist Leif Jensen barks, screams, and uses semi-low growls to punctuates the airspace in total command. Guitarists Marvin Vriesde and Rory Hansen employ a thick tone and a number of standard stop/start moments to increase the emotional swirl for riff changes – as “Scars of Creation” and “Power Surge” represent two of their peaks in terms of versatility and memorability. It’s as if these guys have made a case study of latter day Bay Area thrash (think Dark Angel and Vio-lence) and added in a little bit of Canadian intensity like Sacrifice to crush all contenders.

Dew-Scented offer up a variety of speeds and textures to their arrangements – sometimes becoming a little more musically savvy and thoughtful in a slower, controlled way for “Living Lies” to counterbalance the obvious heads down obliterators like “Means to an End” or their fervent tribute to Repulsion on closer “Radiation Sickness”. Bassist Joost Van Der Graaf even gains a little bit of sonic spotlight for “Atavistic”, emphasizing the importance of low end thump and power in thrash’s overall aural clout.

We know plenty of people in the scene that do not need another band churning out ballads or attempts to fit in with the times like Load – they just want a healthy thrash serving, bare bones. Dew-Scented cut through the maze to deliver your 45 minute serving without compromise.

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