Deserted Fear – Kingdom of Worms (FDA Rekotz)

Thursday, 9th October 2014
Rating: 7.5/10

Much like the recently reviewed FDA Rekotz fellows in Arroganz, Deserted Fear take the old school approach but manage to bring forth a sound that merely tips it’s hat as opposed to copping an overly generous feel (and without the “z” issues). Kingdom of Worms is the follow up to 2012’s My Empire and proves the band is making some strides towards the big leagues if they continue in this direction.

Just listening to Kingdom of Worms, you can tell that there is “just enough” retro influence to let you know what you are listening to, but they acknowledge that there’s been over two decades that have continued since then. The production is thick and meaty, with guitars that acknowledge the Swedish forefathers but don’t ignore the Floridian movement either. All of this is done with a sound that leans more in the direction of clarity rather than excessive filth (don’t worry it still sounds like death metal – no sterility here). Couple all of this with a sense to blend in some intriguing melodies (see “Shattering the Soil”), and you’ve got another winning combination of death metal. Vocalist Manuel Glatter rounds things out with some upfront roars that will most likely remind you of Martin van Drunen but certainly get the job done while commanding your attention.

Deserted Fear deliver a strong dose of old school influenced death metal with Kingdom of Worms. With an approach that will bring in fans of Dismember, Asphyx, and Bolt Thrower, you know you are going to get some crushing material here. Score another victory for the FDA Rekotz clan!

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