ReviewsDeprecated – Deriding His Creation (Unique Leader Records)

Deprecated – Deriding His Creation (Unique Leader Records)

Originally released in 1998, Deprecated’s Deriding His Creation is experiencing a brand new lease on life.  Already a cult brutal death metal classic in it’s own right, 2013 sees the album given a modern production as well as the addition of Terrance Hobbs (Suffocation) and Matt Sotelo (Decrepit Birth) on guitars.  With additional members from Suffocation and Disgorge to round things out, this current iteration of Deprecated is nothing short of a brutal death metal supergroup.

With their sound firmly locked in the time of the “-tion” era of death metal bands, Deprecated may sound a bit one-note in their approach to brutality in these modern times.  However, the level of bludgeoning on this merely 14-minute slab is immense.  There is never a moment to catch your breath here as you are constantly surrounded by blast beats, heavy-as-nails riffing, and AJ Magana’s (ex-Disgorge) monstrous growls.  In true NYDM fashion, the breakdowns heard on tracks like “Mentally Deprived” will hit you like a ton of bricks.

Even fans of original release may be surprised at the crushing level of this re-recording.  The production is nothing short of fantastic, especially after listening to this and the original back to back.  It gives the music enough clarity to hear all of the members while keeping enough meat on the bones to provide the brutality needed for this type of material.  With the successful nature of this re-recording, it’s exciting to think about the direction they could head with a full length.  Hopefully we won’t be kept waiting long.

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