Demolizer – Thrashmageddon (Mighty Music)

Friday, 18th September 2020
Rating: 8/10

Familiar with this Danish thrash act’s debut EP Ghoul from 2018, they’ve signed with Mighty Music and released a full-length follow-up in Thrashmageddon. Curious to know if the band has tightened up a bit of those rough elements that can naturally be present when first hitting the studio, the denim adorned ‘ghoul’ returns for the cover ready to conquer the world and we are off on another nine track adventure. The quartet keep the focus on primal riffing with an 80’s Bay Area/Teutonic influence base, maneuvering between mid-tempo and slightly faster offerings, which along with the caustic screams and catchy lead breaks allows the listener plenty of headbanging and catchy moments.

A slow building riff with wah-wah guitar enhancement pays off a minute later as the opener “Copenhagen Burning” roars into relentless Kreator-ish fervor as guitarist Ben Radtleff switches between subtle death bellows and relentless high-pitch acidic roars emanating from his raw larynx before returning to a mid-tempo mosh-like transitional part. Many times throughout the band lock onto a specific headbanging passage, build off of it through a marching drum template, and then the gang-like chorus or lead break flurry keeps the energy level at peak performance. Check out “Cancer in the Brain” or “Bloodshot Eyes” for examples of addictive rhythm guitar mechanics that put Demolizer in the best position for unison live headbanging or circle pit action. Calmer, clean accents give the opening of “Lost in Torment” that darker, atmospheric outlook for a dynamic shift, much in the way Metallica achieved throughout the 80’s and 90’s – before the fleet of finger lead break and pounding speedy tempo takes the song to aggressive measures. Certain songs allow the musicians to stretch some of their traditional and semi-progressive chops as “Built on Slavery” for instance has some tricky riff and tempo combinations that appeal to those into Megadeth, Ben and fellow guitarist Aria Mobbarez throwing down some entertaining aural volleys that set anticipation on high for subsequent parts.

Keeping the record at a brief 35 minutes, Thrashmageddon showcases Demolizer getting much tighter and stronger as a unit, willing to add some calmer sections to diversify their obvious thrash template. In the end, this will provide those mavens of the genre plenty to jump and scream about.

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