Deathrow – The Eerie Sound of the Slow Awakening (Folter Records)

Sunday, 1st June 2014
Rating: 7/10

Why is it that black metal has become synonymous with one-man bands?  Is it because they are just too kvlt to work with anyone else?  Regardless, The Eerie Sound of the Slow Awakening is the fourth album from drummer Thorns (also of Kult, Frostmoon Eclipse, and Glorior Belli).  As described by the band, there’s no “post” to be found, no “technical fiddling” to be had, nor any “sterile production.”  This is black metal with an organic seal of approval.

Your interest in true black metal and black ‘n roll will be the deciding factor in whether you enjoy this one or not.  An old school Darkthrone influence is readily apparent, and thankfully the black ‘n roll aspect keeps things from becoming a monotonous blastfest.  There are definitely some blast ahead (“Dying in the Cold”), tremolo picking at its best sections but segments of blackened groove permeate songs (“The Illusion of Control”) and give them an added boost.  Dare it be mentioned, some songs due actually contain some quite catchy melodies (“Worms and Silence”) compared to the usual offerings.  Particularly enjoyable is that the production is fitting.  While there is a clarity in hearing all instrumentation, it definitely avoids the “sterile” tag.

No point in needlessly prolonging this review.  You won’t find much in the way of innovation or originality here but that’s not the point (again, as stated by Deathrow).  This is black metal with no frills and no outside permutations.  You either like it, or you don’t.

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