Dead City Crown – Our Blood Apocalyptic (Self-Released)

Monday, 25th May 2020
Rating: 9/10

In what seems to be turning into a yearly tradition in the spring, New Jersey’s Dead City Crown have triumphantly returned with their latest EP, Our Blood Apocalyptic. The band’s Sweden/Finland by way of NJ approach to the melodic death metal sound is one that can’t be understated, and this EP really showcases the continued growth and blooming of strength the act has.

The first distinctive note for this new EP is the augmented keyboards presence that accompanies the band. They are lively and bright, nestling themselves right alongside the often galloping and energetic riffing and gruff vocals that the band has staked their claim on. Not that they weren’t present before, but they play a bigger role this time than with previous material, and it’s a fantastic injection into the mix. “Through the Ashes of Man” is probably the highlight in this regard, with frenetic riffing carrying the band up to the chorus, where the synths give it a more elegant tone without losing an ounce of the fury that carried it up to this point. Outside of the keys, the band is continuing to strengthen their songwriting, and there’s not a bad track in the bunch – just pure melodeath enjoyment from start to finish. “In Revolt” has some downright gorgeous melodies to sink into, and the title track has some ferocious riffs that are given a boost by Carl Conquest’s bellowing roars – not to mention the impressive solo the band drops in the songs latter half.

Dead City Crown is one of those cases where you have to wonder why there isn’t more of a buzz around the act. Their melodic death metal chops are just as strong as the label-backed champions, and they know exactly how to meld melody and heaviness with just the right amounts. Add in the enhanced keys this time, and you’ve got all the makings of an act that should be on the rise. An absolute no-brainer if you even remotely like melodic death metal.

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