Dawn of Demise – The Suffering (Unique Leader)

Wednesday, 10th August 2016
Rating: 7.5/10

For some reason, it’s always somewhat strange to hear a European band sound more American. Perhaps it’s because of that older view where Europe always seemed to have one-up on us North American folks (at least in some areas – nowadays it metal is a very global and unified front). Nevertheless, Danish death metallers Dawn of Demise have staked their claim with their fourth album, The Suffering, which does seem to take some nods in the direction of US waters.

Dawn of Demise also toss their cards into the pile of no-frills death metal. It seems a disservice to label them with a slam tag, although there are a number of NYDM-styled breakdowns that never fail to hit the mark. But equally evident is the sense of groove that The Suffering induces. The title track practically oozes groove, which makes a case for how well the band handles it. They are at their best at a more mid-tempo pacing, as opposed to the blast-forward bands that simply deploy speed as their only argument. This also means that they have to work a little harder to make sure that the riffs are at their best – and it’s something they do not falter on. “A Malignant Condition” and “Deride the Wretch” will long find their way into your skull after they end, alongside the remainder of the tracks.

Some may be quick to dismiss the act for moving down the middle of the death metal track, but that’s precisely why they come across so strongly. The Suffering doesn’t worry about pretension, being overtly technical, or kicking it old school – they just bring death metal. And they bring it well.

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