Darkology – Fated to Burn (Prime Eon Media Ltd.)

Sunday, 31st May 2015
Rating: 7.5/10

Containing some potent players in the power/progressive metal field with ties past and present to Chastain, Firewind, and Adagio, Texas quartet Darkology have been together for 11 years – spreading out their product in wider intervals. Fated to Burn is their second full length, 6 years beyond their Altered Reflections starting point, and contains a large musical buffet in its 69 minute arsenal for those who desire a kick back to classic 80’s US power metal.

Guitarist Michael Harris and drummer Brian Harris as actual siblings map out killer riffs and solid tempos, adding a bit of sinister edge and bite to make “Eyes of the Machine” and “21st Century Frankensteins (Nobot 2)” ideal for those into early Nevermore, Savatage, and Metal Church. Beyond the fact that vocalist Kelly Sundown Carpenter unleashes some serious screams and high octane range through this material – Rob Halford and the late David Wayne would be proud to hear his work for “Kill Me If You Can” and the Firewind-ish “Holy”.

As great as a lot of this material is, Fated to Burn could have been that much stronger with 20% less in terms of the final product. That could mean some instrumental trimming for “The Shadows of Oth”, or even possibly cutting the 9:20 “The Nightmare King” as this epic takes a long time to get out of the starting gates (the low narrative piece draining my attention span in particular). A street level, grittier tone aids Darkology in getting across their older vibe – making these tracks launching pads for audience annihilation.

Given this is my first exposure to the band, I’d say they will find a niche audience based on their past associations and obvious power metal abilities. Could wet the palate as we await the forthcoming record comeback with the Mike Howe-led Metal Church.

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