Cultfinder – Black Thrashing Terror (Eldritch Lunar Miasma Records)

Tuesday, 26th March 2013
Rating: 7.5/10

Sometimes really fantastic things come in painfully small amounts. The box of Apple-Cinnamon Chex I bought last week, episodes of Squidbillies, and in the case of British blackened thrash act Cultfinder, their soon to be released 7” EP Black Thrashing Terror. Across its three songs and 10.5 minute running time the band flies by in what feels like a soft breeze, but a breeze reeking of such putrid intensity that it is likely to leave the listener sick for days. Black Thrashing Terror is a pocket-sized force of nature at its most pissed.

“Black Thrashing Terror” sets the stage for the pace and tone of everything to follow, an eerie and short introduction giving way to an absolute blast and riff-a-thon. It’s here during the sections in between raspy shouts of ‘BLACK THRASHING TERROR!’ the band is at its most fierce, a brief breather coming toward the end of the song to set the listener up for the final and most vicious barrage before the song comes to an abrupt end. “Archangel Burial” does away with the need for dynamics and is an unrelenting hyper-speed trip throughout, a sub-threeminute terror of absolutely colossal proportions. Things reach their most unorthodox with set closer “Witching Curse,” the speed being drawn in for middle section of the song, the eye of a very pernicious storm as a sickly and brief comes out, allowing for only a few moments of respite for the song obliterates itself in a lightning paced finale.

All things considered, thrash is certainly much more at play here with theguitar stylings and how the blast beats are utilized, not entirely dissimilar to Rimfrost but not quite as nuanced. To that end while none of it is revolutionary in any sense it is all fantastic in impact and sound, a surprising level of clarity inherent in everything here (even the bass!). The most painful flaw to this release is that there isn’t more to it. Ten minutes is such a cocktease given how these songs hit, so despite how quickly it goes by and how strong the want for more remains, just like with those Apple-Cinnamon Chex the moments in between are an absolute joy.

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