Crisix – Full HD (Listenable Records)

Wednesday, 13th April 2022
Rating: 8 / 10

Never stopping in their quest to bring crossover thrash to as many patrons that globally will allow, Crisix returns for Full HD, the fifth studio album quickly on the heels of last year’s The Pizza EP. Already establishing precedence for incorporating galloping riffs, tight transitions, rapid fire vocals and gang-infused support for key lines/choruses, the quintet continue delivering a crunchy potent mix of influences from Europe and North America, rolling out eleven more tracks that slice, dice, and add outside cultural nuances to keep things spicy.

Most will find the ‘macarena’ heritage elements put in a collective whirlwind for “Macarena Mosh” infectious – bassist Pla Vinseiro getting a slight D.D. Verdi-like push against the Anthrax meets Municipal Waste gear shifts through some crunchy rhythms, blitzkrieg unison vocals, and a left field violin-accented conclusion. You can picture kung-fu movies visually coming to life during “Shonen Fist”, while normal Bay Area and European thrash shines during “Extreme Fire Hazard” and “Beast” – the twin axe work of Albert Requena and B.B. Plaza ferocious, intense, leaving any naysayers levelled to the floor. The versatility goes from top to bottom – occasional lead surprises, exotic keyboard/instrumental sequences, acoustic guitars, hand claps all appear to diversify the conventional speed/thrash songs on hand. Crisix possesses that duality of serious chops and understanding of what it takes to create strong materials that thrash maniacs deserve, but also deliver an entertaining and fun aspect that takes the listener away from everyday problems to just enjoy the songs. Ten singers from the New Wave of Thrash Metal (including John Kevill of Warbringer, Lenny B. of Dust Bolt, Phily Byrne of Gama Bomb, and Nick Melissourgos of Suicidal Angels) contribute to the verses/chorus of “W.N.M. United”, proving the legitimacy of the current generation of bands that often stand as strong as the old guard regarding ability and output.

Probably stronger on the songwriting and performance front than 2018’s Against All Odds because of the extra downtime while the band could not tour as much as they normally would, Full HD embraces a love for old school thrash, crossover acts, the new breed, and Spanish/cultural aspects that assure metalheads a rewarding effort that severs limbs, causes massive neck pain, and pools of sweat worldwide.

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