ReviewsCorrupt Moral Altar – Eunoia (Self-Released)

Corrupt Moral Altar – Eunoia (Self-Released)

Back in 2014, Corrupt Moral Altar blew the doors off the barn with their ripping debut Mechanical Tides. An inspired piece of grindcore that also took some nods from a few other genres such as sludge and hardcore to solidify their attack, it was a memorable performance to be sure. Last year, the band finally released their follow-up digitally (on Bandcamp) to massive success, which brings us up to this physical release of Eunoia.

Picking up the pieces right where their debut left off, “Human Cry” begins a feral assault. Frantic and grind-y pacing ensues, with a bit of hardcore vibes playing into the mix, and the band aren’t keen on relenting. Short cuts between 2-4 minutes in length show the band as able to cut to the case, but it doesn’t take long for them to try some outside the box moves. Some clean vocals permeate “Crime and Disease” without messing with the formula’s carnage and “Night Chant” ups the hardcore ante significantly. Murky sludge-drenched riffs later infuse “Rat King” with some added venom and grim at a needed moment for a change-up. Perhaps that’s Corrupt Moral Altar’s strongest asset. They can play all of these elements off of each other without compromise. It just feels like a stronger dynamic overall when the bits all come together. It’s not that they can’t butt heads with the most blast-y and enraged of the grindcore bunch (see “On Judith’s Birthday”), but the attention to switching it up provides an added piece of leverage most bands can’t match.

Corrupt Moral Altar prove they are here to stick around with Eunoia. Just as strong and consistent as it’s predecessor, there’s something endearing about their particular approach to grind. It’s plenty jarring when needed, but unafraid to test the waters when it comes to bringing new ideas to the table.

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