ReviewsConstruct of Lethe – Corpsegod (Self-Released)

Construct of Lethe – Corpsegod (Self-Released)

Sometimes you just can’t beat no-frills death metal. It can come at you like a freight train and annihilate everything in its path. But the strongest releases understand that you can’t just have 10 songs that pummel you sideways. There has to be something underneath it all to keep you coming back to it or there’s no point in returning to the same album. Construct of Lethe has this down on Corpsegod.

Taking elements of blistering speed a la Origin and The Kennedy Veil, and combining them with the sheer menace and in your face brutality of Behemoth seems to be Construct of Lethe’s calling card. Opening number “Lamashtu” wastes no time in accelerating to full speed with a flurry of dizzying riffs and upfront roars. But equally important in their game plan is that of monstrous grooves. The groove element lends a more old school flavor to the riffs (which feel incredibly thick despite the sharp production) and mixes in some Morbid Angel and Nile elements, such as in “Ilu Pagru.” In fact, it’s the balance of this groove and modern flair that keeps Corpsegod in top form from beginning to end. Songs like the title track effortlessly move between visceral waves of speed and more bludgeoning grooves, maintaining the same level of energy and intensity throughout.

The ferocity of Corpsegod is an impressive feat. But the more impressive feat is how memorable the album stays from beginning to end. Little nuances pop up upon repeated listens and some riffs just seem to click on a certain listen. A downright burly death metal album that has a subtle ear for riffs that retain some flavor over time. Now that’s crushing indeed.

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