Cognitive – Matricide (Unique Leader)

Tuesday, 16th October 2018
Rating: 9/10

Continuing to up the ante with each successive release, Cognitive return from their already strong 2016 release in Deformity with style. Matricide is noticeably another step up for the band, as they continue to prove that there’s more energy and substance within modern death metal than some would care to admit. Its strength lies in never sticking to one thing for too long.

Just like their previous release, Cognitive is a big fan of changing things up at a level that most death metal bands don’t bother with. It’s hard to really attempt slapping the label on the band, and that’s a great thing. As you listen to the sequence of tracks, there’s everything from slam to groove to slight technical elements and beyond. If there’s one addition to the formula this time around, it’s the increased use of melody and atmosphere. “Torn from the Void” demonstrates this quite well, with some rather epic sounding melodies (and noteworthy bass) in the song’s back end, along with some shouted vocals, that bring the band into something really special. “Clouds of Rust” also provides a similar vibe, while maneuvering into some punishing grooves. But for all the melodic implementation, they also provide some fast, ripping tracks as well. “Architect of Misery” and “Vessel of Violence” occasionally burst with speed with nothing less than death metal might. Crushing slams hit you from the onset of “Fragmented Perception,” providing an interesting setup for the track, even if the most addictive grooves might be found on the adrenaline-fueled “False Profit.” It’s also worth mentioning the production and overall sound here, as the band has a modern death metal sound but never sacrifices straight-up brutality yet retains a crisp, fresh feel where everything can be heard.

An impressive mash-up of many things that work well within the genre, Cognitive really hit it out of the park with Matricide. No matter your angle, if you enjoy well-written and brutality-soaked material, you are going to get a ton of mileage out of this record. Volatile and totally memorable.

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