Chancroid – Bestial Perverse of the Anomalies Psychoneurotic (Brute! Productions)

Thursday, 3rd September 2020
Rating: 6.5/10

Bestial Perverse of the Anomalies Psychoneurotic is a title that doesn’t exactly roll off of the tongue. But it really does give you an idea of what’s to come, from a sonic standpoint. The title screams brutality, and Indonesia’s Chancroid are happy to oblige you in a way that bludgeons in relentless fashion. The band’s first full-length is sure to deliver a gutpunch.

It’s overwhelmingly brutal from beginning to end, or at least close to it if you take away the needless “Intro” and quiet and spooky breather in “Hebephrenia.” On a short release (30-minutes in total), it seems odd to have these two songs – why not just jump in with the explosive “Maximum High Tension Penetrating” and really give it to the listener? While this scribe is usually one to ask for a reprieve in steamrolling material like this, a 3-minute synth piece in “Hebephrenia” is just too long and sucks some of the wind out of the band’s sails. Picky details aside, Chancroid is great in hitting you with everything they have. Some of the songs due blur a bit due to the frequent high tempos and blasting drums, but the energy is always there. Any of the ‘song’ tracks never compromise their sense of carnage and frenetic riffing, and will beat listeners to a pulp as they rage onward to the finish line.

Removing the two instrumental pieces gives you a sleek 25-minutes of absolutely crushing material that allow Chancroid to flex some very brutal muscles. Bestial Perverse of the Anomalies Psychoneurotic doesn’t do anything new, but it will surely take your breath away with it’s gusto and uncompromising approach.

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