Bolzer – Soma (Invictus Productions)

Tuesday, 22nd July 2014
Rating: 9/10

Riding high off the buzz that took most of the death metal community by storm with Aura, Bolzer are back for another short round with Soma. This time we only get treated to two songs, but when the execution is at this level, you can’t help getting excited about the band. Even the artwork is worth getting excited about!

The mysticism and magic that fueled Aura is ever-present on the two tracks of Soma. The shorter of the two (and available for streaming since April) is “Steppes.” While it may not be the complete showstopper that “Entranced By the Wolfshook” was, it maintains the band’s ability to weave eerie melodies into music that seems like it should be devoid of such things. After all, taking full blown death metal, dabbling with black metal influences and ritual, and adding some seemingly esoteric melodies is not something easily meshed but it’s par for the course for Bolzer (who only consist of two members by the way). This shines even brighter on the 12-minute “Labyrinthian Graves,” which seems to pile on riff after tasty riff. Their use of atmosphere to close the track is captivating, making the most out of minimal arrangements and letting the album come to close on a sedated yet creepy note.

There is a reason why Bolzer is attracting so much acclaim as of late. In a sea of same-sounding death metal, the band operates on a level that few can aspire to. Surely their first full-length album will be one of the most anticipated of the year for many (whenever it may come). If you are the type that tends to ignore EPs, this is a case where both Soma and Aura need to be investigated immediately.

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