Bleeding Fist – Bestial Kruzifix666ion (Moribund Records)

Sunday, 17th March 2013
Rating: 7.5/10

Credit Moribund with this: they always seem to find the most deranged and off-the-grid extreme metal bands. From Ayat to Dodsferd to Brown Jenkins and pretty much anyone else on the roster, the label has become Ground Zero for fucked-up extreme metal. Add Slovenia’s Bleeding Fist to the mix, who manage to go down in a storm (or hail) of Satanic torpedoes on Bestial Kruzifix666ion.

Branding themselves as “chaos metal,” Bleeding Fist plays a loose, uncontrolled brand of black/thrash. It’s not out of the reach of the early Bathory efforts, nor would it be a stretch to place these guys alongside the likes of Impiety (the early stuff, naturally). Latch this onto a very-live (and mistake-ridden) performance and it’s something that would Sarcofago or Venom proud.

When the razor-scraping guitars on “Spirit, Dust, and Magic” are set in motion, there’s nothing else to do but sit back and take the pummeling. Some swift (and surprising) twin leads pop up during “Black Magic Book,” while the grueling “Dissected Dominion in Blood” and militaristic “Sabbath ov Mist” create a infernal racket that are embedded with excellent and subtle guitar leads.

Spend a day listening to over-produced modern metal and Bleeding Fist ends up being a welcome respite. It’s a bit juvenile, sure, just like the mid-80’s were and if you fancy perfection, look elsewhere, but you know an album is going to be frothy, throttling and plain dirty when the first sound is of a man spitting in disgust. Fuckin ‘A.

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