ReviewsBenighted – Brutalive the Sick (Season of Mist)

Benighted – Brutalive the Sick (Season of Mist)

The live album. A point that not every band gets to in their career (or simply choose not to do it). The latest in the live recording list are Benighted, who are certainly ready in their career for such a step. Particularly after last year’s particularly standout Carnivore Sublime. The deciding factor for this, as well as just about every live album out there, is if you are a fan of live recordings.

Recorded last August during their performance at the Sylak Open Air Festival in their home country of France, Brutalive the Sick does display Benighted in their best form. Showcasing a set list that does a good job of picking favorites, particularly from the last two albums, the band gets right to business. Not a ton of banter between tracks, but that’s certainly not a complaint. The band plays quite tight in the live setting, and you can’t notice much of a difference from their studio counterparts (the sign of a seasoned live band). Particularly worthy of note is vocalist Julien Truchan, who hits all of the crazed vocals that he puts into the album recordings.

Brutalive the Sick also comes with an accompanying DVD (of which we did not screen), but if the video quality matches that of the audio component, it’s easy to give this one the thumbs up. Benighted have finally been getting more of the buzz that they deserve, and hopefully this will allow that to continue. Let’s keep this review relatively short and sweet: If you are a fan of Benighted, this one is certainly a no-brainer.

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