Author & Punisher – Melk en Honing (Housecore Records)

Sunday, 28th June 2015
Rating: 8/10

Sometimes a musician offers something that is far beyond just a ‘listening experience.’ The work of Tristan Shore (the sole force behind Author & Punisher) is something that begs to be explored further than simply listening to the music. To observe the time and effort he has taken into crafting his own “masks” and “machines” to create a specific sound is simply stunning. A true amalgamation of engineering and art. Of course, it would all be for not if the end product was subpar.

It’s safe to say that Melk en Honing will intrigue and entertain those who are looking for something outside the norm. More industrial than anything else, the combination of pounding rhythms, screams, and distortion lead this into almost more doom and drone territory than you might expect. The slow burner that is “Teething” will give proper evidence to this. The buzzsaw and pulsating beats of “Callous and Hoof” will also try to bore their way through your skull with no remorse. However, there are some moments where even some pop settles in, such as the very Layne Staley-inspired clean vocals of “Shame.” “Future Man” also tosses the listener a bone with some slow, doomy melodies that offer a bit of respite from the sheer hopelessness that is found in tracks like “Cauterize” and “Disparate.”

It is safe to say that Melk en Honing isn’t an album that you immediately appreciate. It will take a good set of headphones and a patient listener to get the full enjoyment out of this one. But for the listener willing to go the distance, you’ll find Melk en Honing to bring you a thoroughly exhausting but enrapturing performance.

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