ReviewsAposento – No Safe Haven (Xtreem Music)

Aposento – No Safe Haven (Xtreem Music)

A familiar tale of an underground band resurrecting themselves to give a second shot at establishing themselves – that’s what you have for Spain’s Aposento. They started in 1990 – releasing two demos and an EP during the decade before dissolving in 1997. Back at it in 2012 with a mix of old and new members, they’ve since released three full-length albums while more lineup shuffles took place. Only guitarist Manolo Sáez remains from those early days as No Safe Haven hits the market four years removed from the previous outing.

A vicious slate of riffs pummels your ears while vocalist Carlos Garcia spews his words in a comfortable growl to scream format next to music that combines a host of US / European influences from the early death metal movement. Occasional transitions throw a curve ball into the mix, as you can hear a bit of a thrash / crossover d-beat angle in certain cuts that aids the retention factor. Bassist Pablo Vázquez could be the ace in the hole, propping himself up into some progressive bass maneuvers in key instrumental sequences for “A Texas Funeral” and the title cut that rival Alex Webster of Cannibal Corpse. When the band chooses to be a little more mid-tempo in atmosphere or choices of riffs, you will definitely think of early Death in spots. Teeth-rattling rhythms shatter limbs during “Where Darkness Reigns”, although the snare hits or double kick parts sometimes border on a flat sameness that one would expect from maybe a beginner band, not a seasoned outfit at this point in their career. Many will easily fall quickly into neck strains for the main musical hooks delivered by Manolo and fellow axe man Manu Reyes within “The Devil’s Bargain”, the dual scream/growl vocal employment heightening key sequences or dynamic twists while the duo circle attack like birds of prey. The sound is heavy and clear – no complaints on the tones present, all tightly woven into a ten-song effort that moves along at a brisk 34-minute and change time frame.

Very much a gritty effort from Aposento with occasional progressive to groove measures thrown into a standard death metal mix for No Safe Haven. One of those albums that gets the job done, yet probably won’t earn any gem or album of the year accolades even through incessant playbacks.

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7 / 10