Antropomorphia – Rites ov Perversion (Metal Blade)

Thursday, 11th September 2014
Rating: 7/10

Antropomorphia are keenly aware of one thing: sex sells. The band has generated some controversy in the past (one of their album covers is that of a tattooed vagina), and Rites ov Perversion settles for some ample boobage on the cover. With song titles such as “Gospel ov Perversion” and “Necrovaginal Secretions,” it seems pretty clear that the band have found their place and are content to revel in this zone for the long run.

There’s not really anything shocking about the lyrics/artwork here, so what lies below the surface? This is your standard death metal output more or less. Antropomorphia does have a tendency to sound like one of the elder masters, yet slickly avoiding an easy “Swedish” or “American” sounding designation (though I’m sure if you work hard enough, you’ll figure it out). Part of this is due to the fact that the band realized that you don’t have to settle for a 20-year old production to sound old school. This also bulks up the guitars a bit and lets the riffs pop a bit more than a muddy production of yore. It also suits the band’s approach, offering burly riffs at faster speeds that often cross paths with some more mid-tempo chuggers that drive the music.

The problem with Rites ov Perversion is that most of it comes across as flat and uninspired. After repeated listens, there aren’t really any moments that can be recalled, nor any feelings of wanting to hear it again. That’s a shame because the way that they tactfully avoided the trappings of most old-school bands is commendable. If they could just get a bit more passion into the music, they could make some definite headway in this crowded scene.

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