Antiverse – Cosmic Horror (Self Released)

Sunday, 20th April 2014
Rating: 8/10

With all of the technical, ‘Wank until your fingers bleed’ type of bands currently flooding the marketplace along with 200 shades of Entombed and Autopsy, where has the middle ground gone?  In the mood for some good ole fashioned, no frills, fist-pumping metal?  Earlier this year, we were given the excellent Infallible by Fisthammer, and now Antiverse have dropped Cosmic Horror to scratch that same thrash ‘til death itch.

Antiverse play a high-energy blend of deathened thrash that wisely focuses on songwriting first and foremost.  Certainly some references could be made to bands like Revocation or Black Fast (another equally awesome Bandcamp find), as Antiverse try to cram as much thrash for your buck into each track.  Each song is an adrenaline rush, sure to induce a sore neck after your first few listens, but ultimately songs like “Bethlem” work in the long run because that initial catchiness doesn’t fade.  These are songs that have downright infectious grooves and some sizzling solos.  The vocals are of the usual shouted and screamed variety but they get the job done with their powerful delivery.  In “Bethlem,” “Aurora,” and “The Beast of Bray Road” we are even treated to some absolutely wicked falsettos.  It makes one wish there were more of these, though ultimately it might ruin their appeal with over saturation.

For an unsigned band, this is a very professional package.  The production hits all of the sweet spots for this type of material; sounding clear yet adequately raw (or dare it be said, slightly retro).  Even the artwork (courtesy of Par Olofsson) draws you in, with the Lovecraftian tentacles and dark purple hues.  Cosmic Horror leaves a lasting impression on the listener and sounds, for all intents and purposes, like a band that’s going places in the very near future.

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