ReviewsAnthology – Angel’s Revenge (Self-Released)

Anthology – Angel’s Revenge (Self-Released)

Sometimes all it takes to stand out is to just waiver ever so slightly from the norm. Slovakian symphonic power metal act Anthology may seem, on paper, like they are going with the flow on their third album Angel’s Revenge. However, upon an initial listen, you will quickly that this is not the case and the band has found some space to call their own within the field.

Anthology may pack the usual symphonic and power tags, but you might be initially surprised by how heavy the band can be. In this regard, the band is closer to Epica in sound than say, Within Temptation. Moments of more extreme metal influences (death, black, speed) can be heard in tracks like “Stray in Nightmare” and “Devoted Souls,” in which some frantic and thrashy riffs accompany the boisterous keys and some occasional growls (and gang vocals) reside along Raylyn Shayde’s powerful vocals. It’s a refreshing change of pace to hear the amount of guitar heroics in an album like this, where each track consists of numerous riffs and melodies destined to stick with you long after the album ends – some great headbanging leads to go along with the fantastic choruses led by Shayde (see “Last Weep”). The melodic leadwork is flashy while being grounded, and a real treat to soak in (much like the recent Undrask album). While the keys do have a heavy presence, it’s a matter of sharing between the riffing (and vocals) to ensure that the mix of bombast and crunch have equal opportunity.

It’s truly the contrasting flavors that Anthology generates that is their greatest weapon. From epic to visceral, from melodic to brutal, Angel’s Revenge is crafted with moments that are meant to leave an impact. It’s fun and memorable while forging its own path with familiar elements mixed in ways that are fresh and invigorating. Third time is certainly the charm here – Angel’s Revenge is a must hear if you have even the slightest interest in symphonic power metal.

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