Anal Trump – The First 100 Songs (Joyful Noise Recordings)

Tuesday, 6th November 2018
Rating: 8/10

First getting on board with the blistering grind of Anal Trump with 2016’s That Makes Me Smart!, released just before the election, it comes as no surprise that the band has continued ever onwards with Trump’s presidency. This brings us two years later with The First 100 Songs, a compilation of all of the tracks done to date (100 of course). For those late to the party, it’s the perfect launching point.

100 songs for most bands would be a box set, yet the Anal Cunt-inspired parody ensures that all 100 tracks end up taking up a little more than 11-minutes total. That’s right, it’s a fired-up blast-fueled adventure of songs that tend to rip towards the longer end of ten seconds (if they make it that long). To that end, they are what they are: explosive bursts of a wild riff and crazed drumming with extreme vocals that are surprisingly fresh for their output duration (it doesn’t take much effort to hear who is behind the mic based on this factor). It’s brutal, it’s angry, and it’s certainly not for those used to the A.C. styled delivery. In upping the ante from their inspiration, some of the song titles and concepts are pulled directly from quotes from the president himself (“Trump Tower Has The Best Taco Bowl”), mixed in with some A.C. type juvenile attacks (“Renewable Resources Are Gay”) which tend to blur the line between humorous and offensive and tend to use some actual sound bites to further enhance the mood and tone.

Anal Trump nails the sound of their inspirations and gives it an intriguing political direction, even if it’s admittedly juvenile in delivery (nothing wrong with that at all either). It’s a fun, knock you backwards type of release while keeping a smile glued to your face, no matter what side of the political divide you sit on. So sit back, brace yourself, and enjoy the whirlwind. There’s certainly plenty more available material to pull from in the next two years (perhaps giving us The First 200 songs).

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