All Else Fails – Fucktropolis (Suicidal Bride)

Friday, 1st November 2013
Rating: 6.5/10

Now here’s a title you won’t forget: Fucktropolis. The F-word in its many instances sure has a way of being convincing, if not simply eye-catching, which is exactly the case as the title for this Edmonton, Alberta outfit’s debut six-song EP. Beyond, the sweet little title, All Else Fails don’t leave much to the imagination; they’re the ultra and modified symbiosis of all that is modern, dipping simultaneously into the death and metalcore pools at the same time, making for some precarious moments, but nothing worth you know, tossing the F-bomb around for.

The band does deathcore better than they do metalcore, with the pervasive clean vocals of Barrett Klesko being just that: Pervasive. They’re directly responsible for the album’s more squirmy moments, like the weak chorus on “Better Left Unsaid,” which is an otherwise dutiful number. These circa 2005 happenings fall somewhere between A Dozen Furies and Bloodsimple, two bands DR never thought would be uttered on these pages, but alas, they’re the direct connector to a band pimping decade-old ideas. (Then again, almost all of metal’s ideas are decades old, so perhaps All Else Fails gets a reprieve.)

The punk-laced “Whoa’s” of “A Must Unwanted Reprieve” have some snap to them, while the fluid melodies picket “Obedience at the Altar of Sacrifice” lend some weight to the band’s obvious musical abilities. But really, the thaw of metalcore and continuing decline of deathcore makes for one big trouble spot for anyone outside of All Else Fails’ designated comfort circle. Therefore, proceed with caution, or just prep for a bout of mini-nostalgia.

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