Abnormal Thought Patterns – Abnormal Thought Patterns (CynNormal Lab Recordings)

Saturday, 23rd March 2013
Rating: 8/10

As identifiable-sounding as anyone in the progressive metal scene, the brothers Tipton (Jasun and Troy of Cynthesis) are capping off an already successful 2011 with the release of their instrumental project, Abnormal Thought Patterns. And like Cynthesis (and the precursor Zero Hero), ATP rages and bursts with technical fury, akin to a segment of robots blowing off their circuits all at the same time. If there were a better descriptor for the fret-flyingaction here, then please, consult us accordingly…this seven-song EP is a face-melter.

Joined by Zero Hour drummer Mike Guy, the trio harpoon darting melodies left and right, usually creating a sonic maelstrom that is easily digestible and blindingly technical at the same time. The centerpiece is a four-song suite “Velocity and Acceleration 1 – 4” that is an apt descriptor for when the trio hits the ground running with frenetic fretboard gymnastics and piercing melodies, augmented nicely by Troy Tipton’s imitable bass technique, something that has long been a sound trademark of both Zero Hour and Cynthesis.

Aside from the insane joyride that is these six songs, it’s readily apparent that if they had to, the Tiptons would be able to squeeze in some vocals, proving there’s much more than a shred artifice to these gents. No worries – with Abnormal Thought Patterns, they produced easily one of the most raucous instrumental albums of the year.


(This content originally appeared on Blistering.com)

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