ReviewsAbhorrent Decimation – Miasmic Mutation (Self-Released)

Abhorrent Decimation – Miasmic Mutation (Self-Released)

When it comes to death metal, there’s a part of it that you either start with and you “have it” or you don’t. It becomes very clear upon first listen to Miasmic Mutation, Abhorrent Decimation’s first full-length album, that they definitely “have it” and are ready to spread their name across the scene. This is modern death metal that will give you a good pummeling.

Miasmic Mutation has all of the necessary bells & whistles of the modern death metal scene without feeling generic or going too far in any direction (technical, brutal, etc etc). In some ways, one could compare them to The Kennedy Veil in their no-frills approach, though without quite as much focus on frenetic speed. Abhorrent Decimation likes to really bludgeon the listener with crushingly heavy riffing interwoven with some technical elements. The album’s most epic track, “Souls of Sedation” takes its time in opening. Moving from a symphonic intro, it then dives headlong into some mid-tempo groove that is sure to get your body moving. It’s also a fine example of the almost melodic soloing that they put on display throughout the album, pausing from the more brutal nature of the riffs and focusing on some rather enjoyable shredding. These moments offer a more majestic feel to death metal, with “Odious” giving the album a thrilling sendoff. While mid-tempo bruising is their strong-point, the uptick in speed on cuts like “…For the Desperately Lost” and “Eternal Repulsion” deliver a frantic charge of energy that is not soon forgotten.

The future looks rather bright for Abhorrent Decimation. A devastating and memorable venture through modern death metal, Miasmic Mutation carries a definite “wow” factor. The prowess displayed here is something that usually takes bands a few albums to exhibit, and you are bound to walk away from this one impressed.

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