Split Stream: Ritualistic and Radamanthys’ Ritualmanthys

Wednesday, 30th June 2021

In the mood for some technicality, melody, and brutality in more or less equal quantities? Get an early start on your July 4th festivities with our stream of Radamanthys’ and Ritualistic’s upcoming split Ritualmanthys below. To whet your appetite, we also got the bands (Ritualistic’s bassist Brian O’Leary and Radamanthys’ guitarist/vocalist Mario Pareja-Lecaros) to give some answers to a few of our quick questions we had about the split release, which you can check out as well. While you check out the stream, you can also presave the release, out July 7th, by clicking HERE.

Dead Rhetoric: What can listeners expect from this split release?

Brian O’Leary [Ritualisitic]: The angriest music we’ve written to date, plus Rada going wild in a nice progressive direction.

Mario Pareja-Lecaros [Radamanthys]: Catchy tunes for sure. Our goal when writing and producing our tracks is to make them memorable and individual experiences.

Dead Rhetoric: What are you most happy about with this particular split release?

Brian: How well both of our bands meshed artistically. You’d think working with 10 musicians on 1 release would be a pain in the ass, but it’s been great.

Mario: We were most happy with the song order and how each track builds the intensity overall. It makes the split cohesive.

Dead Rhetoric: What do you enjoy about being able to do a split release, in general?

Brian: Getting to work along other great musicians that we normally wouldn’t have the opportunity to do anything with.

Mario: Having double the brain power has been great because we can all build on each others ideas. but it also doubles the number of people that have a vested stake on the project. Definitely a double edged sword but a fun experience

Dead Rhetoric: Any band that you’d love to do a split with in the future?

Brian: Bongripper, but only if we trade styles for the split.

Mario: The split came about just spitballing between friends and it naturally developed. We didn’t set out to do one, so if we ever did another it would have to follow the same organic development

Dead Rhetoric: What thrills you about death metal overall?

Brian: The immense amount of talented nerds that I wouldn’t have met otherwise. We’re all a bunch of weirdos and I don’t play Magic The Gathering, so most of these people would’ve never crossed my path without metal.

Mario: Death metal scratches an itch that no other music does for me. The intensity and technical ability is very important in my enjoyment of music. Though ultimately a catchy song will reside in my head far longer than a super technical one

Dead Rhetoric: What plans do you have for the rest of 2021?

Brian: I think we’re still writing for another full-length. In the meantime, we all have other projects that were pouring ideas into. I know I’m personally excited for this math grind album I played on to see the light of day.

Mario: We have finished writing our first full length and will begin track guitars in the next few weeks. We’re hoping for a late 2021 or early 2022 release.

Press Release:
Fresh off their debut releases, Ritualistic and Radamanthys return in 2021 with the release of their split, Ritualmanthys. Both bands have worked towards perfecting their takes on technicality, while staying as heavy as possible. Featuring four songs of melodic riffs and crushing blasts, progressive structuring and mythologically-charged lyrics, Ritualmanthys is sure to please fans of classic melodeath and modern listeners alike.

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