Song Premiere: Mos Generator’s “Sword of the Sea” from The Planet of Doom

Monday, 25th June 2018

Starting off the week on a strong note, we at DR are happy to be hosting the premiere of Mos Generator’s track “Sword of the Sea,” which appears on the now released album, First Contact: Music From The Original Soundtrack ‘The Planet of Doom’. The EP is set to serve as a preview for the upcoming full-length film (set for release in 2020), an exciting new venture for those who enjoy doom metal and animated films that aren’t afraid to go for the R-rating. You can check out the track below, as well as check out a short trailer for the yet-to-be-released film, to wet your appetite for what to expect. You can also order the album at THIS LOCATION if you like what you hear.

Of the song:
Long established groovy southern rockers/stoners, Mos Generator provide an undeniably catchy and rollicking trip with “Sword of the Sea.” Monster riffs that are meant to get you moving take little time to swing into effect, yet the track takes an effective turn into the more emotive as the end approaches, with some elegant clean/acoustic guitar coming into the forefront for some nice, atmospheric effect (before ending on one final fuzzy chug of course). In fact, checking out the trailer along side the song, it’s clear that there’s quite a correlation between the track and the snippets of the movie itself. Quite a promising endeavor, and one that seems well worth the wait in front of us.

Says the label:
In the spirit of R-rated animated films like Heavy Metal and the works of Ralph Bakshi, Riff Lodge Animation (the studio behind the mind-blowing music video for Conan’s “Throne of Fire”) are creating an EPIC feature-length fantasy/science-fiction film titled The Planet of Doom, created entirely by both artists and bands within the doom/stoner/psych/metal genres.

Set for release in 2020 and subtitled as “An Animated Tale of Metal and Art”, The Planet of Doom features a worldwide assembly of 17 respected artists and animators and 18 revered bands and promises to present a colossal compendium of underground culture and this generation’s ode to counterculture. On June 22, Ripple Music will release First Contact: Music From The Original Soundtrack ‘The Planet of Doom’, a teaser EP including four of the film’s featured groups: Mos Generator (USA), Messa (Italy), Vokonis (Sweden) and Slomatics (Ireland).

Written by art director/producer David Paul Seymour and adapted into a screenplay by animator/director Tim Granda, The Planet of Doom is one continuous tale broken up into 15 chapters, each interpreted by a different artist and band team-up. The film contains no spoken dialogue, opting instead to tell the tale via the lyrics of the soundtrack’s original music. In the film, the titular hero, Halvar The Brave, seeks vengeance aboard a witch-born chopper, journeying across a psychedelic landscape on a quest to defeat the deadly beast Mördvél for the slaying of his beloved bride.

First Contact: Music From The Original Soundtrack ‘The Planet of Doom’ track listing:

1. Mos Generator “Sword of the Sea”
2. Messa “Serpent Libido”
3. Vokonis “Runa”
4. Slomatics “Jagaer”

Order the album HERE

The Planet of Doom official website
The Planet of Doom on Facebook
Mos Generator on Facebook

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