October 2019 Album of the Month – Insomnium’s Heart Like a Grave

Monday, 18th November 2019

There are few bands that can pull off sweeping melodies as consistently as Insomnium. It’s been a trademark of theirs from the onset, and even with a plethora of releases under their belt, they still manage to find a way to captivate their audience with potent, emotive melodies and riffs. Heart Like a Grave doesn’t really extend the band’s niche (like say, Winter’s Gate), but it does everything it can to ensure that you feel each melody in each of the album’s tracks. Which is why they have managed to snag the album of the month for October.

An excerpt from Kyle McGinn’s 9/10 review, which posted on October 2, 2019:

Over the course of this decade (and parts of the last one as well), Insomnium have rising up to be one of the premier sources of melodic death metal. Their rainy-day approach that combines touching melodies and moments of somewhat folk-y uplift in an overall epic package is one that they’ve spent a bit of time really investing in. Even with their last album, Winter’s Gate, which was one long song – it felt like Insomnium, and no one else. So it goes almost without say that Heart Like a Grave carries the same accolades.

Ultimately, Heart Like a Grave simply delivers an hour’s worth of breathtaking melodies and songs. There’s no tricks or huge advances in the band’s sound, but Insomnium have worked hard to carve out a certain niche for themselves within melodic death metal, and understand exactly what works for them as a band.

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