Khazaddum CD Giveaway

Wednesday, 13th January 2016

Dead and Khazaddum are giving away a copy of the band’s In Dwarven Halls EP to one (1) lucky winner.

Khazaddum is a J.R.R. Tolkien based death metal band from Milwaukee Wisconsin. Established in 2014, the goal was to create music that captured the epic feel and scope of storytelling comprising the immense Tolkien mythology. Drawing influences from death metal greats such as Nile, Morbid Angel, and Behemoth, Khazaddum carries on the tradition of both a technical and melodic approach in their music.

Featuring Alex Rausa (ex Devolving Messiah)- Guitars, Pete Kissane (Burial Ritual) – Drums, Luka Djordjevic (ex- Promethean Parallax /ex- Carnal Befoulment) – Vocals, Tony Cannizzaro (ex- Splattered Cadavre/ ex- Demented Tourment) – Bass. The In Dwarven Halls EP was recorded at Bell City Sound by Chris Wisco (ex- Jungle Rot) in late 2014. Originally started as a recording project, Khazaddum finally decided to become a full time live band in 2015 and released In Dwarven Halls.

Enter before Friday, January 29, 2016 for your chance to win!

Enter “Halls” in the answer field below.



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