January 2019 Album of the Month: Soilwork’s Verkligheten

Saturday, 9th February 2019

2019 has started out with quite a bang, and Soilwork’s latest album Verkligheten justly sat at the top of our collective picks for the month. The band’s blend of melancholy and catchy songwriting sits among the best works that they have done to date, showcasing their persistent efforts to evolve and bring in new influences. Bjorn Strid’s vocals are at their best (particularly the cleans), and new drummer Bastian Thusgaard comes in with plenty of personality to the rhythm section. For those who enjoy modern or melodic death metal, this is a must-hear.

An excerpt from Kyle McGinn and Matt Coe’s review face-off, which posted on January 4, 2019:

Veteran acts in heavy metal tend to go in one of two directions – the more common of which is to simply retread familiar waters with each album and give the fans exactly what they want. But some bands get a breath of fresh air as they continue, delivering material that may challenge the listener and/or bring them in different directions. Soilwork has been operating on what some might say is a career-level high since The Living Infinite, and Verkligheten does nothing to slow that down.

Holding tight to the same high-water marks that The Ride Majestic strove for, while moving into more dark and melancholic territory, the most surprising part of Verkligheten is how addictive and fun it still is. Whether it’s Strid’s ever-impressive vocal work (no doubt somewhat related to The Night Flight Orchestra’s growing dominance), the thrashy/groovy combination of catchy melodic riffs, or the tastefully varied synths and drums, there’s plenty of moments to cherish. With three absolute homeruns for albums in a row, there’s no one who does modern metal better than Soilwork. – Kyle McGinn

Overall you get the sense that Verkligheten allows Soilwork to paint broader strokes in those hidden crevices sonically – navigating with precision, focus, and enjoyment. They’ve been riding a solid studio run of records since the sprawling double album The Living Infinite (leaving Figure Number Five and Stabbing the Drama in the rear view), and sure to keep the Soilwork legions clamoring for more. – Matt Coe

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