February 2017 Album of the Month: Striker’s Striker

Sunday, 12th March 2017

Taking advantage of the self-recording and promotional advances of current times, Edmonton, Canada’s Striker appear to be on a creative hot streak. Blazing a trail that definitely has everything from 80’s melodic hard rock to speed/thrash tendencies amidst their power and traditional metal riffs, they’ve created songs that go down smooth in a live setting or at your favorite party. They also take their music on the road to recreate the power, glory, blazing action on the vocal and musical fronts.

An excerpt from Matt Coe’s 10/10 review, which posted February 27, 2017:

Quickly ‘striking’ while the proverbial iron is hot (touring North America and Europe on headlining runs as well as opening for major tours with Primal Fear and Sonata Arctica), this self-titled fifth full-length showcases an assured outlook, maintaining their high-quality songwriting as they focus on strengths that should put Striker top of mind when you want to consume current catchy anthems that could be a catalyst for the scene.

Metal is about community and developing content that connects to people – bringing them away from the stresses and strife of any given day or situation. Striker amplifies the greatness of heavy metal, the versatility, the hooks, the melodies, the harmonies, and the creativity coming together as one. Hard-pressed to find one group that can amass wide-reaching followers from the underground and above quite like these Canadians – let’s hope the good times roll as they stride into the future. As the veterans retire, the youth amply keep the tenets of the genre on point – sure to inspire the next generation.

Read the entire review HERE.

Striker official website

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