RandomnessExclusive Stream: Megascavenger's "Steel Through Flesh Extravaganza"

Exclusive Stream: Megascavenger’s “Steel Through Flesh Extravaganza”

Tired of the same old shtick when it comes to old school death metal? Then we at DR have a great weekend pick-me-up for you with a new track from Megascavenger’s As Dystopia Beckons. The album is set to be released in a few days on March 1 through Selfmadegod Records. Helmed by the death metal champion Rogga Johansson himself, this takes the usual old school death metal approach and flips it on its head with equally heavy industrial elements, delivering an effective and intriguing sound. This star-studded affair also features guest appearances from members involved in Fleshcrawl, Hail of Bullets, Sinister, Loch Vostok, and Crypticus, as well as frequent Johansson-collaborator Kam Lee (ex-Massacre).

We are proud to present the song “Steel Through Flesh Extravaganza.” Turning up towards the end of the album, it opens with some heavy industrial effects that wouldn’t sound out of place on an old Fear Factory or Godflesh album. It doesn’t take long for the rampaging death metal elements to take charge, with Adrie Kloosterwaard’s (Sinister) guest vocals providing the necessary ammo to further enhance the brutality. What’s particularly striking about the track is the balance between the industrial sounds and the downright malevolent death metal backbone, with both getting plenty of opportunity to shine without overshadowing the other. Check it out for yourself at the bottom of the page!

Here’s the official track listing for As Dystopia Beckons:
1. Rotting Domain (Feat. Sven Gross of Fleshcrawl)
2. The Machine That Turns Humans Into Slop (Feat. David Ingram of Hail of Bullets, Echelon, ex-Benediction, ex-Bolt Thrower)
3. Dead City (Feat. Jocke Svensson of Entrails)
4. As The Last Day Has Passed (Feat. Teddy Möller of Loch Vostok, The Experiment No.Q, The Hidden)
5. The Hell That Is This World (Feat. Kam Lee of ex-Massacre, ex-Mantas, Bone Gnawer, The Grotesquery)
6. Dead Rotting And Exposed (Feat. Brynjar Helgetun of Crypticus, Johansson & Speckmann, Just Before Dawn)
7. Steel Through Flesh Extravaganza (Feat. Adrie Kloosterwaard of Sinister)
8. The Harrowing Of Hell (Kam Lee ex-Massacre, ex-Mantas, Bone Gnawer, The Grotesquery)
9. As Dystopia Beckons


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