RandomnessExclusive Album Stream: Carnophage's Monument

Exclusive Album Stream: Carnophage’s Monument

Care to check out some death metal that adds some technical flavor without sacrificing the brutality or the song itself? Feast your ears upon the sophomore effort from Turkey’s Carnophage, entitled Monument. Poised for release tomorrow, September 23, via Unique Leader, Monument offers up all of the blistering death metal you could hope for, but with some technical chops will keep your mind at full attention. The band’s previous effort, Deformed Future//Genetic Nightmare, saw the light of day back in 2008, but time has treated the band well. Monument is worth the wait for those who favor death metal. You can pre-order Monument HERE.

In our recent review of the album, we stated, “The term well-rounded comes into play when discussing Momument’s approach to death metal. There’s enough primal aggression to suit the more brutal crowd, while the technically-slanted riffs and sometimes melodic leadwork will make sure that album stays fresh and interesting from start to finish. A welcome return to the fold from Carnophage.” Check out the rest of our review HERE and stream it for yourself below.


Monument tracklisting:

1. Incandescent
2. Second Genesis
3. Resistance Against Mind Clouding Heresy
4. Same Old Circle
5. Unbroken Fortitude
6. At The Backside Of Our Civilization
7. Ode To Corruption
8. Sparks Of The Experiment
9. Inertia And Failure

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