RandomnessDecrepit Throne - Traitor's Grave CD Giveaway

Decrepit Throne – Traitor’s Grave CD Giveaway

We are giving away a copy of Decrepit Throne’s Traitor’s Grave CD to one (1) lucky winner.

The product of guitarist/multi-instrumentalist and North Carolinian Gregory Maupin and New Jersey vocalist Ron Kaiser (Blasphemous), Decrepit Throne offers seven iniquitous tracks of blackened fury with influences such as Dissection, Drudkh, Emperor, Death Celtic Frost and many more. Maupin started Decrepit Throne after his last band mysteriously and abruptly came to an end. The focus is making dark music, rather than the drama in which so many local musicians drown themselves. Vocalist Ron Kaiser was kind enough to perform and write lyrics for Decrepit Throne.

To get your hands on a copy of Traitor’s Grave, enter before Friday, May 5.

Enter “Decrepit” in the answer field below.

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