Atala’s Kyle Stratton: What I’m Listening To

Saturday, 19th March 2016

Lately, my ear has been drawn to the sounds of heavy sonic vibrations. I am into bands that encompass heavy, thick tones, brutal, open drumming, and melodic vocals that flow weightless over thunderous tones. Yob, Monolord, and Pallbearer are forerunners in the changing climate of heavy music. It feels as if the heavy music from the underground is about to boil over. If this music doesn’t reach the mainstream, its influences surely will.

YOB clearing the path to ascend
To me, Yob is the heaviest band in music. The ambient sound that Mike Schiedt creates with dissonant chords and dark tones are remarkable. The sound touches your soul in a way that simply cannot be explained in words. Attending a Yob show is a spiritual roller coaster – it’s as if they touch a part of your soul you didn’t know existed. Yob truly cannot be noticed without pointing out their vocals and lyrical content. Clearing the Path to Ascend is their best work to date. A true masterpiece.

Monolord has been gaining a lot of attention. A heavy band from the UK, they recently toured the US with Windhand. They owe it to their latest release, Vaenir. The listener is treated to an ear massage from their fuzz tones and long drones. “Cursing the One” goes straight into the album, pummeling the listener with massive drones. While “The Cosmic Silence” mellows out the listener, Monolord ends the album with “Vaenir” in a long, droned out fashion. A record for good vibes and late night drives.

pallbearer foundations of burden
Foundations of Burden by Pallbearer is a gem in a pile of rocks that equates the doom and stoner genre. Their sound is like an orchestra of doom. The rhythm section is thick and ominous. Musically, their sound is defined by its two-guitar attack. The melodies of the lead guitar over the sludgy rhythms creates a sense of beauty in dread. The vocals of the band not only completes the band in a beautiful (and opposite) correspondence, it gives them their unique sound that makes them giants in the genre. All under the mindful direction and production by music engineer Billy Anderson, this album was the deciding factor to drive to Portland and record our album with Anderson.

Atala’s Shaman’s Path of the Serpent will be released in May, 2016. Click here for more information.

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