April 2019 Album of the Month – Hath’s Of Rot and Ruin

Wednesday, 15th May 2019

One of those releases that just grabs you and refuses to let go, Hath’s debut full-length is one of the year’s most notable extreme metal releases. Just the right combination of barreling aggression with tapered melodies, they manage to hit a mixture that provides an emotive core without sacrificing any of the ‘good stuff.’ While immediate in tone, the songwriting shows itself more with repeated listens to the album, showcasing a nuance that will serve the band well moving forward. Of Rot and Ruin is nothing short of an ear-catcher of a record and a must for anyone seeking anything in the extreme realms.

An excerpt from Kyle McGinn’s 9/10 review, which posted on April 16, 2019:

While it’s enjoyable to hear veteran bands up the ante with a new release at every corner, there’s a different type of thrill to hear a newer band come through and blow away your expectations on their first full-length. Such cases are pretty rare to come by, but New Jersey’s Hath bring an addictive and explosive feeling to their debut Of Rot and Ruin. The type of release that you can tell the band is onto something big.

It’s a treat to come across such an impressive and complete debut as Of Rot and Ruin. Hath take their influences in stride, and utilize them to craft something that is more unique than one might initially expect. The combination of assaulting death/black brutality laced with more progressive and mournful sentiments that is displayed is powerful, leaving a lasting impression that foretells an even more potent impact in the near future.

Read the entire review HERE.

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