Album Stream: Cemetery Filth’s Dominion

Friday, 10th April 2020

We at DR are pleased to end your week with a ripping piece of old school death metal to get your blood flowing with a stream of Cemetery Filth’s Dominion. Set to be released on April 13 via Unspeakable Axe Records, with Boris Records sharing in the vinyl version, Dominion firmly retraces the steps of classic death metal, but is also wise enough not to just blindly follow them. Check out the stream widget below and give it a click if you dig what you hear, or any of the links listed below to snag yourself a copy.

From the artwork itself to the vicious material within, it’s immediately clear that Cemetery Filth have a strong understanding of the death metal heydays of the early ’90s. While you can easily pick up the scent of acts like Deicide and Morbid Angel, they’ve also woven in other influences and flavors to avoid mere flattery and imitation. But what counts most here is the songwriting, which does capture the essence of death metal: malicious and evil intent. You can hear it in the riffs, which can crank up the velocity or they can rumble in almost doomy frequencies. The bottom line is that if you enjoy that vintage death metal attack, Cemetery Filth have really nailed what it is all about on Dominion.

Says vocalist/guitarist Matt Kilpatrick:
“Death Metal is overrun with a passionate new breed of maniacs, but so few push themselves to study the classics and modern staples enough to understand why those albums are so vicious. We’re long-time dedicated fans of the music and understand that if you can’t offer an exciting new twist on the genre, you should at least craft your music in a way that grabs the listener’s ear, and make the energy levels as potent and volatile as possible. Death Metal is meant to be played with obsession and chaotic fury. It needs to be relentless yet with every second played with pure malicious intent.”

Says the label:
Incorporating a slew of Euro and American influences, but leaning especially hard into the early Floridian mode of the genre, CEMETERY FILTH has arrived at their own unique hybrid–a sound that should be comfortingly familiar to longtime fans of the genre, yet not a mere slavish imitation or passionless rehash.

Cemetery Filth is:
Matt Kilpatrick – Lead Vocals and Guitars
Ryan Guinn – Lead Guitars
Devin Kelley – Bass and Backing Vocals
Chris McDonald – Drums

Pre-order Dominion at Unspeakable Axe Records
Pre-order Dominion at Unspeakable Axe Bandcamp
Pre-order Dominion Vinyl at Boris Records Bandcamp
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