RandomnessAlbum Premiere: Devil Moon Risen's 'Fissures of Men'

Album Premiere: Devil Moon Risen’s ‘Fissures of Men’

Hailing from Phoenix, Arizona, Devil Moon Risen are preparing to unleash their unique style of groove-laden, punky stoner doom upon the world, and we’re proud to take part in showcasing their debut album for all you lovely folks.

The band started in 2020 amidst the pandemic, dropping an EP while cutting their teeth on the stage. Four years later, the band’s first full-length Fissures of Men is slated for a June 6 release, but we’ve got it ready for you right here a little early:

Expect plenty of big riffs, punk attitude, and smooth bass-driven grooves throughout – ultimately resulting in a highly singular album that takes the listener on quite the journey. The prominence of the bass is especially key to Devil Moon Risen and their sonic direction of choice, helping make Fissures of Men pulsate with its own identity. There’s sludge and old school heavy metal influences as well, and it’s packaged together in a cohesive and exciting fashion. Don’t forget – the album drops officially on June 6, and you can pick it up on Bandcamp.

Devil Moon Risen’s Fissures of Men is:
Bass Guitar/Upright Bass/Vocals – Chihuahua Chad
Guitar/Backing Vocals – Rocky Destructo
Drums/Keyboards/Backing Vocals – Everett Jones

Mixing was done by Jalipaz Nelson at Audio Confusion Studios, and the artwork was created by Hilary Martin Art.

Track listing:
1. Bad Sketch of a Killer
2. Russian Man
3. The Rim
4. Conscious Spring
5. Mungo Gringo
6. Rabbit Hole (A Q-Anon Tail)
7. Shaun Powell
8. The Crick Cycle
9. D.T.T.B.O.W.T.B

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