WOLFHEART Premier “Routa Pt 2” Video

Tuesday, 9th December 2014

Lahti, Finland based “winter metal” act, WOLFHEART have released the video for “Routa Pt 2,” which comes from the band’s Winterborn debut. The album will see a stateside release February 3 via Spinefarm Records.

If ever there were a soundtrack for the barren snowscapes and the bitter chill of winter, it’s WOLFHEART, Winterborn and the song/video for “Routa Pt. 2”, which can be seen below.

The clip features the Finnish band performing – in the snow at points! – and it captures the simple, stark beauty that is implicit and inherent not only in heavy metal but also of the land in the winter season. There’s some fire, too!

WOLFHEART are currently finishing up their new album and Spinefarm debut, titled Shadow World. The album is due out in mid-2015. The band is shoring up plans to tour Finland and Europe in 2015, hitting the festival circuit. The band hopes to tour the US at some point in 2015, as well.

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