WINTERFYLLETH Stream New Song “The Three Ravens”

Wednesday, 7th May 2014

English black metallers WINTERFYLLETH are currently streaming a new song, “The Three Ravens” at this location. “The Three Ravens” is the band’s contribution to the forthcoming One And All, Together, For Home compilation.

Regarding the new track, WINTERFYLLETH commented: ““The Three Ravens is the anglicized version of a traditional Scottish song called ‘Twa Corbies’ and takes the form of three scavenger birds (Ravens) discussing what they might eat on that particular day. One mentions a recently deceased knight, who they find slain in the forest, but who it turns out is guarded by his loyal ‘hawks and hounds’. The story goes on to tell how his pregnant lover (metaphorically represented as ‘a fallow doe’) comes to his body, tends his wounds and takes him away to be buried; apparently leaving the ravens without a meal. The story is a tale of spirituality that seems to represent how the strength and loyalty of one’s kin can overcome adversity, even in the event of their master/partner dying.”

One And All, Together, For Home was assembled by DRUDKH main-man Roman Sayenko, and brings together a group of renowned European metal bands to pay homage their distinct, unique heritages. Each band employs their own means to find and present their respective cultural roots to the world via song. The eight appearing artists contribute a total of 17 tracks in the form of traditional song interpretations, cover versions of folk artists, or the use of themes and melodies from their musical heritages in original compositions. The tracks found in One And All, Together, For Home are available exclusively on this compilation.

One And All, Together, For Home track listing:


1. PRIMORDIAL (Ireland) – “Dark horse on the wind”
2. DRUDKH (Ukraine) – “Forgotten Lullaby”
3. HAIVE (Finland) – “Ei Kuule Emo Minua” *
4. KAMPFAR (Norway) – “En Hymne Til Urd”
5. WINTERFYLLETH (England) – “Abbots Brommley Horn Dance”
6. WINTERFYLLETH (England) – “John Barleycorn”
7. MONDOVOLLAND (Netherlands) – “Montferland I” (with Folkcorn)
8. MONDOVOLLAND (Netherlands) – “Montferland II”
9. HIMINBJORG (France) – “Esprit De Brave”

CD 2:

1. WINTERFYLLETH – (England) – The Three Ravens
2. KAMPFAR (Norway) – Bannsull
3. DRUDKH (Ukraine) – Dovbush
4. MONDOVOLLAND (Netherlands) – Montferland III
5. AVA INFERI (Portugal) – Ao Teu Lado
6. HAIVE (Finland) – Ukon On Tulinen Turkki
7. HAIVE (Finland) – Onpa Tietty Tietyssäni
8. PRIMORDIAL (Ireland) – The Foggy Dew

For more information on the compilation, click here.

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