WHITECHAPEL Releases “Worship The Digital Age” Video

Thursday, 12th June 2014

Knoxville, Tennessee deathcore troupe WHITECHAPEL have released the video for “Worship the Digital Age,” a song from their new album, Our Endless War. The video can be viewed below. The album was released April 29 via Metal Blade, and is described in a press release as, “A ruthlessly honed effort that refuses to compromise on brutality, it is also by far the band’s most streamlined, atmospheric, and emotionally powerful release, pushing every aspect of their sound to the next level.”

“In typical WHITECHAPEL fashion, this CD takes the sound we have been developing over the past 8 years of our career and pushes it to new levels,” says guitarist Alex Wade.

“We want each record we release to sound different, and this one is no exception.

“With dashes of every record we have done so far mixed with the intensity of a new sound, this record is sure to please fans of WHITECHAPEL, old and new.”

Our Endless War track listing:

1. Rise
2. Our Endless War
3. The Saw is the Law
4. Mono
5. Let Me Burn
6. Worship the Digital Age
7. How Times Have Changed
8. Psychopathy
9. Blacked Out
10. Diggs Road

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